David Cole

 David’s photographic practice began with personal experiences with landscapes. He explores features that are hidden to the human eye. Rhaeadr explores these hidden features in waterfalls, and is a photographic series focused on the elemental.

Waterfalls present a natural show of power, David expresses this through his photographs. These photos represent the effects on David’s senses as he explores the physical effects experienced. Overpowering hearing by the noise, the force of water blocking sight shown through visual examples in the photographs with the lack of detail showing a perspective of the senses.

Rhaeadr grew from past projects related to exploring water. This lead to the exploration of various waterfalls in Southern Wales. David discovered a personal connection between himself and waterfall country, this connection developed into a deep emotional experience. David experiences this each time he walks through the waterfall. Discovering that all outside worries disappear on the inside of a waterfall.

Website  www.davidcolephoto.com

Email:    dcolephoto@gmail.com

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