William Pettit

William is a degree student photographer at Hereford College of Arts. He is relatively new to photography having only picked up a camera two years ago but has developed a love for the art.

Through William’s series Meanderings he attempts to address man’s relationship to the land, from both historical and present-day standpoints. Meanderings was shot on British Camp, part of the Malvern Hills. Once an Iron Age hill fort (and then later at the summit - a Norman Motte), William documents how man has shaped the land for defensive reasons and casts this in stark contrast to those that frequent the hills today in the name of leisure and tourism.

Meanderings can also be interpreted through more philosophical means, highlighting the different paths we chose through the wilderness of life.

Instagram:  www.instagram.com/wkpettit

Website:    www.williampettit.wixsite.com/williampettit

Email:        willpettit@btinternet.com